There’s life after tests...

In the race to make schools competitive, meet national education standards, and quantify students’ progress in front of parents, sometimes teachers can feel like test scores are all that matters. If you’ve seen our test scores, you know that BJU Press succeeds when it comes to achievement testing. But the BJU Press educational philosophy means we’re more interested in what comes after those tests.

The Levels of Learning

See how the levels of learning
progress from simple facts to … Training Students to Learn for Life™

Tests don’t end at graduation.

At BJU Press, we believe that teaching students to love to learn, to think critically about the world around them, and to see everything within the context of a biblical worldview are the most important things we can accomplish. They are the foundational building blocks for every pursuit of every student, within the classroom and beyond. That’s why for over 30 years everything we’ve done aims to help lay those cornerstones in students’ lives. We want to help you train students who are effective—not just on tests in the classroom, but also in the tests of life. After all, there is life after test scores.

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