Guaranteeing good test scores

Some publishers make their books purposely “advanced” (or “accelerated”). That means that schools which use their curriculum will tend to turn away children who are not already advanced learners. Then, when studies are done to see which publisher gives the best test scores, publishers with advanced books should top the list because the sample group is highly skewed in their favor. Their “advanced” policies help weed out students who would hurt their scores. They can then guarantee good test scores when really they just guarantee that only students able to get good test scores will use their textbooks.

But even given this statistical bias, in an independent study, BJU Press outperformed all other Christian publishers, advanced or not.

At BJU Press, we want every student to succeed in the classroom. That’s why our curriculum is adaptable to both the advanced and the slower learners. But we offer more than just the chance to get good grades. We offer learning that lasts a lifetime.

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