If educational philosophies were poetry,
we’d be Shakespeare

While most people write, only a few people have written great poetry. Likewise, all publishers can communicate subjects to some degree. But almost no one has a well-rounded, guiding philosophy of education which genuinely works.

The exception to the rule...

When the first BJU Press textbook was published in 1974, its authors already had behind them the 47 years of proven teaching experience and educational philosophy of Bob Jones University.

Collage of pictures of Bob Jones, the old campus, the new campus, and BJU Press textbooks.
The authors were experienced educators themselves, working in a long tradition of Christian education. Today, that heritage has continued. And although we offer hundreds more books on a broader range of topics, use more color pictures and illustrations, and have teams of authors, editors, and marketers, the underlying educational philosophy remains unchanged: to help train Christlike students who excel in life, in work, and in witness.