Outperform performance-based textbooks

As performance-based education appears less and less likely to produce students who can perform anywhere but in a classroom, educators are looking for something to make learning stay with students from grade to grade, and from the classroom to life.

Enter Critical Thinking.

“Critical Thinking” is fast becoming the educational catchphrase of the day, and many public schools are requesting hundreds of thousands of dollars to experiment with more critical-thinking, comprehension-based approaches to learning. The results of these heavily-funded, experimental schools seem very promising.

But while the educational establishment is only just now discovering (or rediscovering) the benefits of comprehension-based education, BJU Press has been teaching comprehension-based education since its founding over 30 years ago. And, unlike the current push for critical thinking education, the critical thinking emphasis in BJU Press textbooks isn’t an experiment. It flows from our proven educational philosophy and teaching methods. Our mission has always been to equip students by giving them the thinking skills and discernment they’ll need—not just in the classroom, but in life.

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