Secular textbooks are better
only if secular teaching is also better.

“The Christian school principal is not satisfied with picking the spiritually strong but academically weak book over the one that is academically superior but offers little spiritual emphasis. He instead searches for those books that excel in both areas.”

–Dr. Guenter Salter
“What Makes a School ‘Christian’?”

Many Christian educators use secular textbooks in order to boost the “credibility” of their classes. In the process, they end up spending a lot of time editing out or correcting what the secular authors have said. But by using this approach, these educators must logically conclude that the “secular content / Christian editing” model they follow is not a credible method of teaching (because apparently it can’t be distilled into a “credible” Christian textbook).

At BJU Press we’ve taken a different approach even than the “secular content / Christian editing” model. We know that teaching students a Christian worldview is of paramount importance. And we also know that Christian textbooks should meet or exceed local and national education standards. On top of that, we’ve labored that BJU Press textbooks will be more than a fusion of those two emphases. We strive for the fullness of God’s call to Christian excellence. That’s why we say if our textbooks aren’t the best in their field, then they’re not Christian enough.

But it’s not like you need a Christian math book, right?